There are a lot of moving parts in a micro-credit operation that provides more than a thousand small loans a month to poor entrepreneurs: thousands of accounting entries, many financial and social reports, tons of phone calls, Skype calls, texts and emails to name a few. It takes a great team to pull this off, and we in Nicaragua we have a great team – ADIM – which has over 70 employees. Here are some of the key people that we work with:

Patricia | Open to Grow



Patricia Padilla is Founder, President and Strategic Adviser of the Alternative Association for the Integral Development of Women (ADIM). She was part of the Negotiating Committee of Law 769, Law of Regulation and Promotion of Micro Finance and its reform proposal. She is Micro Finance Advisor, Finance for the Economic Agenda of Women with micro, small and medium enterprises. She was Departmental Coordinator of the Literacy Campaign of Nueva Segovia, and Regional Coordinator of Adult Literacy and Education for Managua. She was also Manager of Savings and Credit Real Estate Branch and formerly Cashier, Promoter of Savings and Credit.
Patricia holds a Degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Degree in the Management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises from the American University (UAM). In addition, she has taken the Boulder Microfinance Training from the Boulder Microfinance Institute at the Universidad Pontificia de Chile, Valparaíso. She has received certificates in the areas of governance, financial inclusion, social performance management, impact evaluation and customer satisfaction in microfinance. As well, she has written a number of papers relating to the economic empowerment of women, access to credit by female entrepreneurs, social performance management and other

She is Secretary of the Board of Directors ASOMIF, Coordinator of the Gender and Social Performance Committee ASOMIF, is a member of the Regional Gender Commission, REDCAMIF, is a representative of ASOMIF before the Women’s Economic Agenda Network with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Nicaragua and Member of the Board of Directors International Guarantee Fund (FIG-RAFAD), Switzerland and President, Council Administration of the Swiss Foundation for Development (SWISSAID), Nicaragua.

Javier Flores | Open to Grow



Javier is from Nandaime, Granada and currently lives in the department of Managua. He graduated in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) with a postgraduate degree in Administration of Microfinance Institutions. He joined ADIM in 2008 as Business Manager and later became Vice-General Manager. He became General Manager 2013 and has managed ADIM’s microfinance operations since then. His main purpose within the institution is to lead high performance teams by example, using best industry practices as the guideline. He is also responsible for establishing a culture of excellence within ADIM, with emphasis on respect and justice towards all stakeholders.

In addition, he has advised other microfinance entities in institutional diagnosis, systematization of experiences of microfinance products, design and adaptation of products according to the IMF’s industry’s practice, preparation of studies for fund raising, preparation of operating manuals, business plans, credit policies, internal control processes, budgets, and evaluation and monitoring of projects.

Esmirna | Open to Grow



Esmirna Tercero is from Managua Nicaragua. She graduated from the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) 2015 in Public Accounting and Auditing. She then attended the Universidad Politécnica of Nicaragua (UPOLI), where she obtained a postgraduate degree in Finance and Auditing in 2017.

In 2013, she interned with ADIM in the Accounting area. In 2014, she was hired by ADIM as an Accounting Assistant, and after this worked in Treasury. Since 2016, she has been responsible for the Finances and Administration areas of the IMF ADIM.  Her main purpose within ADIM is in the areas of planning, coordination and execution of the financial administration, in accordance with the approved strategic and operational plan of ADIM.


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