Karla is a hard-working woman and belongs to the Solidarity Group Jehova es mi Pastor. She recently received her loan from funds provided by Open to Grow to ADIM. She is 40 years old, lives in Masaya with her boyfriend, and has five children but just one of them lives with her. Karla is an entrepreneur and has her own business at the Masaya market. She sells fruits and vegetables and works there with her daughter. She started her business three years ago and is grateful for the loan provided by ADIM with funds from Open to Grow. Over the past several years, with the profits from her business, she has been able to improve the living conditions of her family and moved her son to a better school. She will use her new loan to improve her business premises.

Selena is a young micro-entrepreneur, following in the footsteps of her mother. She is 21 years old, lives in Masaya with her parents and brother, is single and has no children. In addition to work, she is also studying at college. She was recently funded by Open to Grow, through ADIM, and belongs to the Solidarity Group El Rostro de Mi Pueblo. She is involved in the business started by her mother. They sell fruit and vegetables. This business has sustained the family for many years, during which time the business has grown. The loan has been used to continue the expansion of the business by providing new products for sale. Selena says that thanks to the loan and the good administration of the business, she has been able to use some of her share of the profits to improve her education. She has also been able to save to provide medicines for her whole family. She wants to continue working with Open to Grow and ADIM to further expand the business.

Bertha Patricia is an entrepreneurial woman. She is 51 years old, lives in Masaya, is single, and has 2 children. She owns a small grocery store which she started a year ago and sells food and beverages 7 days a week. She was recently funded by Open to Grow, through ADIM and is a member of the Solidarity Group “Genesis el Principio”. It was her first loan, and she has invested it directly to her business to purchase new products for sale. She is a good administrator of her business and feels that working with ADIM has been a good experience as her business continues to grow. A great achievement that she has obtained as part of her efforts is the professional training of her son. She says that her plan is to continue investing in the growth and expansion of her business.

Karina Del Carmen Velasquez Lopez is a young woman entrepreneur, 23 years old, who lives in Masaya with her parents, and with her little son. She is the owner of several businesses, all in the same location, including a grocery store, a tortilleria, and a cheese and egg sale business. Her loan will be used to enhance the growth of each of these three activities. The current business is approximately 2 years; its profits sustain a family of 4 members. Karina began her businesses with a very small initial capital and through this loan, she will diversify and expand. The tortilla business is very profitable as there is a lot of demand for her tortillas. Because of the results of her good investment approach, she has achieved important advances such as the expansion of her store and the improvement of her home. She feels very happy working with ADIM because she has improved her business results, and is moving toward the achievement of her dreams and goals. In due course, she would like to receive an increase in her loan to buy new products such as meat and sausages.


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